Manchester NH Family Law Attorney who is also a Criminal defense lawyer and Consumer Bankruptcy attorney warns:

Be wary of hiring a New Hampshire divorce attorney who “concentrates” in “only” divorce/family law:   You may get less than you bargained for!

Part One.

The world is full of attorneys, and like any other business, they are clamoring for your patronage and extolling the virtues of their individual practices.  In an ever-increasing and complex world, it makes some sense to be leery of lawyers who claim to “concentrate” “specialize” or “limit” their practice, only to divorce and family law matters.

While many New Hampshire divorce attorneys feel that it is beneficial or productive to brag about the fact that they are concentrating in or limiting their practice to divorce and family law, clients in any situation should be very doubtful of falling into a belief that such individuals are their best choice in the complicated divorce arena.

I remember having a discussion with a friend when I had LASIX eye surgery several years ago.  He strongly suggested that I go to Montreal, as he had done, since his guy have performed over 20,000 surgeries.  He took great comfort in that fact alone.  I opted for a local eye doctor and surgeon, who by choice, did only two or three surgeries per week in addition to his regular general practice involving eye care.

I reasoned that the guy who had done nothing but this over and over and over again might take my case, or all the surgeries on my day, for granted, maybe staying out late the night before, having a few drinks too many, but not being concerned because  “he had done it all so many times before!”  I felt more secure with someone who could do my surgery completely, locally, and with caring and specific attention to ME and MY needs throughout the entire process.

Think about that.

Would you rather have someone who has dozens of cases similar if not identical to yours, with similar issues, confusing the names of your spouse, children and facts of your life with other cases?  Forgetting or confusing important details about you, your case and your family? Just cranking along the same path, day in day out, like a factory, without much change in scenery to stimulate the mind?   Taking things for granted, thinking only inside a defined box.

Can you say “cookie cutter divorce?”

Or would you rather have someone who limits types of cases and practice areas, who can devote attention to your case and your family law matters, and can bring other disciplines to bear in your case? One who in any given day will view divorce cases, criminal law matters, bankruptcy cases, real estate or civil litigation cases, and other matters with a fresh perspective and energy, because he is not doing the same thing over and over and over again?

In many situations, divorce can involve the potential for a bankruptcy, or involve the criminal justice system, when one spouse has been arrested and accused of some criminal act, or an act of domestic violence against the other spouse.

As an attorney practicing in Manchester, New Hampshire for over 27 years in a multifaceted practice, I can tell you a variety of stories which literally curl my hair about “divorce specialists” attempting to deal with complicated interrelated matters that often arise in family law cases.

I continue to this day to see many “divorce only” types” (and even judges!) making incorrect declarations about the current bankruptcy laws and seriously flawed strategic choices and decisions about the effects of a bankruptcy filing involving divorcing clients, many of which are directly contrary to changes in the law that had been in place for over eight years.

I know some who in defending an allegation of domestic violence, attempt to dabble in criminal law, and without being aware of the implications, and compromise a client’s position in a pending or future criminal case arising from the same allegations.  And anyone with a law license stand next to you while you plead guilty to a charged defense, without meaningfully analyzing or challenging the government’s proof, your risks and the various options available.  Some of these folks will not even try your case to a judge or jury; their involvement is to try to cut you the best deal.  And if you cannot pose a realistic threat of lengthy trial, risk of loss and being put to their paces, prosecutors or police departments have no real incentive to bargain meaningfully with someone with an “unloaded gun.”

Without fully appreciating how a criminal conviction can integrate into a divorce matter, and how it can serve to set the stage for you and create a power imbalance years after a divorce, they feel that they are doing their client some sort of service by such actions.

Frankly, I think it is hard enough to sit with someone who is initially a stranger, and bare your soul and answer painful and sometimes intimate questions about your life and history only one time, and there is also a risk when you have to repeat that history, you may forget what you have told to whom, and a second or third person may not fit all the pieces together.

You need an advocate who can also responsibly identify any other issues which may relate to your marital dissolution, and if present, be able to,  under one roof,  formulate a single coherent plan to get you through the legal process as promptly, favorably and cost-effectively as possible.

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