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Law Offices of F. Michael Keefe Personal Injury Attorny located in Manchester New HampshireThere is no area of our practice that is more rewarding, and on the same hand more frustrating, than personal injury practice.

Unlike our many other clients, the personal injury claimant has done nothing to warrant his involvement with lawyers or the legal process.  The personal injury claimant is truly a victim of another person’s negligence, and has had his or her physical and economic well-being, family life, employment, and almost all other aspects of their lives radically affected by the momentary negligence of another person, who is usually a complete stranger.

Our personal injury practice focuses exclusively on people like you who have been injured as the result of another’s negligence.  We do not represent insurance companies trying to cheat otherwise legitimate claimants out of their lawful entitlement, nor do we represent negligent parties in attempting to minimize the consequences of their disruptive actions.  Our focus, consistent with the philosophy of our firm, has been on attempting to protect and maximize the position of persons injured through no fault of their own.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed doing injury work, since I get to meet and help people who would otherwise have no contact with lawyers or the legal system.  My injury clients would universally prefer that I be able to turn back the clock and simply undo their injury, but I must tell them that I am neither a magician nor a miracle worker and I cannot do so, wish as we both might.

All the legal system can do for an injured claimant is to compensate them for both their lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering through the payment of money.


As a threshold matter, recovery in any personal injury situation is predicated upon the establishment of liability (also known as legal “fault”) arising from the negligence of another person or entity, resulting in injury to a claimant.  In some instances, liability is clear and undisputed.  For example, liability is often clear and undisputed in a rear end automobile collision situation, and is likewise easily demonstrable in a situation involving an intentional act on the part of the negligent party (as in the case of a physical assault perpetrated upon an innocent victim).

In other situations, a negligent party and his insurance carrier hotly contest liability.  Liability is often contested in some automobile injury cases, in which fault for the underlying accident cannot be readily ascertained, due to the resultant placement or subsequent movement of involved motor vehicles.  Another situation in liability is contested is in a “slip and fall” situation, where a party is injured as a result of falling in a parking lot, grocery store, or other public or private setting.  In those cases, the purportedly negligent party attempts to claim, at least initially, that it took reasonable steps and precautions to insure the safety of persons lawfully on their premises, (i.e., that they took reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable injury), and were, therefore not negligent, and any injury which resulted was due to circumstances which were not foreseeable and preventable in the exercise of reasonable diligence, or due to the contributory negligence of the injured party.

It should be apparent that the establishment of liability is a critical threshold matter in any personal injury case.  Without the establishment (or, in some cases, the concession) of liability, recovery is prohibited, regardless of the damage suffered by an injured claimant.

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